Maldivian Language-Basic Dhivehi

We speak our own language, named Dhivehi, with varying dialects from north to south. But since most of us are fluent in English throughout the country, communication with our guests is almost never a problem. But even when a language barrier does present itself, we Dhivehin have always been known for the warmness in our hearts and the love in our hearts – and as they say, love is a universal language. But if you would like to get to learn a few phrases ahead of your trip to the Maldives, our Basic Dhivehi section has all the basic Dhivehi you need to know, to make communication during your trip to the Maldives as seamless as possible.

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Hello – Assalaam Alaikum

Good morning – Baajjaveri hen’dhuneh

Good night – Baajjaveri re’eh

Going – Dhanee

Taxi – Taxi

Bus – Bus

Boat – Boatu/Dhoani

Aeroplane – Mathindhaa boatu

Car – Kaaru

Motor cycle – Saikalu

Airport – Airpoatu

Hospital – Hasfathaalu/Hospital

Restaurant – Restoarent

Resort – Resort

Guesthouse – Guesthouse

Hotel – Hotel

School – Madhurasaa/School

Police – Police

Maldives – Dhivehi Raajje/Raajje

Food – Kaanaa

Water – Fen

Time – Gadi

Clothes – Hedhun

Place – Than

Building – Imaaraaiy

Money – Faisaa

Price – Agu

Day – Dhuvas

Night – Reygan’du

Noon – Mendhuru

Evening – Haveeru

Sunday – Aadheethha dhuvas

Monday – Hoama dhuvas

Tuesday – Angaara dhuvas

Wednesday – Budha dhuvas

Thursday – Buraasfathi dhuvas

Friday – Hukuru dhuvas

Saturday – Honihiru dhuvas

Where? – Kon thaneh?

Where to? – Konthaan’kah?

Which day? – Kon dhuvaheh?

What time? – Kon gadieh?

How are you? Haalu kihineh?

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