All about the Maldives

The Maldives is a tiny country with a big name. A thousand islands with half a million welcoming smiles. Located on the equator, the Maldives is a necklace with a thousand pearls, elegantly placed on the velvety blue Indian Ocean we call home.

Each pearl on that necklace is an island unique to its nature, historical significance, and its people. They are named in the alphabetical order of the Maldivian scripture ‘Thaana’ to signify which among the 20 atolls they belong to, followed by its individual names. While some islands are home to us Maldivians – or how we like to call ourselves, ‘Dhivehin’ – others have been developed into resorts and agricultural farms. However, there are yet many untouched, and left to Mother Nature to nurture and for us to explore.

‘Dhivehin’ live simple island lives, but also are in touch with the modern luxuries life has to offer. While internet and cell services are easily accessible, all the latest tech products are also within reach. While maintaining that balance with the present, we make a point to stay in touch with our history and share it with our friends who visit as well. While the folklores, our rich culture, and traditions are an important part of who we are, we believe that good things become better when shared.

On the note of sharing, another aspect of our lives that love to share is our food. While the main source of Maldivian cuisine comes from the ocean except for the staples like rice, flour, and sugar, our flavors and food combinations are unique, just like the journey of how our food gets on our plates through sustainable fishing. Despite this, if fish and seafood aren’t to your taste, international cuisine is quite readily available in most areas too.

The country is also known for its safety, especially for tourists, with a dedicated Tourist Police department to help visitors with any help required. But in general, the public is very helpful and always keen on helping out when approached.

While the people of Maldives are a few, how we speak, what we eat, and what we do for a living, interestingly varies from region to region, and even island to island. But one thing remains constant. We, Dhivehin are well known far and wide, for the warmness in our hearts and the unforgettable experiences we offer.

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